Supple Nam is a dancer and choreographer who has adapted his knowledge of dance and movement to television, theatre, film, music and advertising. His styles of dance-fusion led to him winning the prize for most innovative choreography in television and film for VW Golf GTI “Singing in the Rain”. He has been involved in advertising campaigns for L’Oreal, Sony Ericsson, Toyota, Toshiba, Mahou San Miguel, Citroën, Orange and many more.


We made a simple, intuitive and adaptable website for all devices using WordPress. We customised the control panel to help the client update his content. We reviewed the branding for responsive design and produced the social media content to generate a buzz on Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.


Client: Supple Nam
Agency: Direct client
Role: Art direction / Branding / Responsive design
Date: 2013

Responsive website and UI elements