In the luxury car market the competition is very fierce. Infiniti wanted to differentiate themselves from their competitors and create an engaging online experience for their fans, showing them that they are not just another automotive brand.

Creative Solution

Inspiration comes at anytime from anywhere. #InfinitiInspiration is the spark that ignites the engine of Infiniti’s creativity, desire and fascination for details. We created a series of rich visuals inspired by Lui Bulin, David Carson, Rochach and Jackson Pollock, integrating Infiniti cars in a unique way. Then we asked Infiniti social followers what inspired them – this started a dialogue between Infiniti and their fans.


Client: Infiniti   Agency: AKQA Role: Art director /
CD: Ross Mawdsley / Copy: Carla Ballecer


We believe the purpose of our social channels is create an engaging experience for our fans. Taking inspiration from premium fashion advertising, we intend to push the boundaries of how Infiniti is viewed in the world of social. Our goal is to create beautiful, shareable, bespoke imagery that engages users time after time.

Our Vision


Instagram rise